Brass nails

‘HJZ’ brass nails are made of high-quality MS-64 brass.

The brass nails are used for furniture, caravans, toys, frames, interior woodwork, installing brass plates, laths, etc. Stainless steel or aluminium nails are predominantly used for external woodwork these days.

Brass nails are not suitable for use in plasterboard or red cedar timber.

Product information

Quality: MS-64 (ca. 64% copper en ca. 36% zinc)
Diameters: from 0,70 mm t/m 3,80 mm
Lengths: from 7 mm t/m 100 mm
Head types: round head (RH) / lost head (LH) / flat chequered head (FHC)
Packaging: boxes of 1 kg

If you have a specific application and you do not know which nail to use, the nail finder may the solution for this.