“HJZ” hardened concrete steel nails are made of specially hardened steel with a hardness of 52-54 HRc and a bending angle of 45-90 degrees. The nails receive a special rust treatment and are available with a smooth or a grooved (ribbed) shaft. The hardened concrete steel nails can be manufactured in a blue/black execution, but can also be galvanized in different ways, like electro galvanizing and mechanical galvanizing. The concrete hardened steel nails provide strength and durability. Important is to choose the correct nail for each specific application.  

“HJZ” hardened concrete steel nails are used for various purposes. Here are some of the most common applications: 

– In the construction industry, to fasten wooden structures such as walls, roofs, frames, and floors. 

– In upholstery, to secure fabrics, like leather onto wooden frames, such as sofas, chairs or shoes. 

– In carpentry, like furniture making, to join wooden parts together, such as tables, chairs and cabinets. 

– In wood working, to connect wooden parts, like crates and toys. 

– In craft projects, such as making photo frames, paintings or decorative objects. 

The hardened concrete steel nails are also available as a ribbed (grooved) nail (both electro galvanized and mechanical galvanized) with interrupted slanted ribs on the shaft to provide approximately 30% greater resistance to extraction by comparison with smooth nails. 

Apart from the smooth and grooved (ribbed) hardened concrete steel nails, the range also contains hardened steel nails like the Z1 clamp nail, Z2 lath nails, Z3 skirting board nail, the Fixpin and the M6 pin (Dübel). 

Product information

Hardness:52-54 HRc
Bending angle:45° – 90°
Execution:blue/black or galvanized (electrolytic/mechanical)
Diameters:from 1,20 mm t/m 6,20 mm
Lengths:from 12 mm t/m 230 mm
Head types:conical head (CH) / round flattened head (RHF) / flat head (FH)
Packaging:both pieces and weight

If you have a specific application and you do not know which nail to use, the nail finder may have the solution for this.