Various products

‘HJZ’ also manufactures and supplies a small range of bright galvanised screw nails, plastic washers and neoprene rings.

The bright galvanised screw nails (min. 5 micron) are made of iron and have a flat head with a special cone beneath the head. These nails are extremely well suited to fixing iron beam connectors in construction work, whereby the cone causes the nail to be secured in the aperture of the beam connector (aperture diameter 3.9-4.4 mm) ensuring an extremely good joint. The screw thread is turned right into the cone under the head of the nail and ensures extraction resistance 3 times greater than with a smooth nail.

The plastic washers are made of LD polyethylene (hard quality) in white and are resistant to ammonia.

The neoprene rings are made of flexible neoprene in grey that is resistant to sunlight and weatherproof (APTK/EPDM quality). They are not resistant to oil and grease.

If you have a specific application and you do not know which nail to use, the nail finder may have the solution for this.