Wherever special requirements are made for fixing materials with nails, you will find them: “HJZ”-specialty-nails. In the house building sector, the utility building sector and in joinery works. In new construction and renovation.

For every application there is the right nail: hardened steel nails, stainless steel nails, brass nails, red copper nails, aluminium nails, carbon steel zinc-plated nails, screw thread nails, ring-shanked nails, corrugated plate nails, insulation nails, roofing nails and anchorage nails. Then we have the new generation: Z1-clamp nails for fixing clamps onto concrete, Z2-lath nails, developed to fix laths, plate and strip material quickly and easily to concrete or sand lime brick, Z3-skirting board nails with extremely small heads of different colours, Z4-cellular concrete nails in stainless steel and in a yellow passivated version.

If you have a specific application and you do not know which nail to use, the nail finder may have the solution for this.