Zandvoort Draadindustrie BV was founded in 1936 by the Zandvoort family and it is still a real family business: the fourth generation is now at the helm. We are proud to be the first factory in the Netherlands where hardened steel nails are produced. The nails from our factory are used by construction and industry worldwide. Our brand name HJZ has been known as an A-brand at home and abroad for many years.


At the time of its foundation, Zandvoort Draadindustrie BV was still an ‘ordinary’ nail manufacturer, which produced almost exclusively iron nails. Thanks to a request from PTT Nederland, who needed special nails for fixing telephone lines to the wall, our director at the time learned the expertise of the hardening process in Germany.

Zandvoort Draadinustie BV became the first factory in the Netherlands to produce hardened steel nails.

The factory of HJZ

Zandvoort Draadindustrie BV was first established on the Zuivelweg in Doetinchem. In the 1970s, our current building with a modern factory was built on the Grutbroek 50 in Doetinchem. Our nails are manufactured under strict quality standards. We strive for perfection, whereby we work innovatively and environmentally conscious. For example, our factory is almost completely electric, we separate our waste, we do not use chemicals, LED lighting has been installed throughout the whole factory and we drive electric cars. We continue to improve our existing products, and we continue to develop new nails.