Stainless steel nails

‘HJZ’ stainless steel nails are made from the steel types AISI-304/1.4301/V2A and AISI 316/1.4401/V4A. A special production process, using stainless steel tools, guarantees the rust-resistant properties of the nails. AISI-304 stainless steel nails are completely weatherproof, even in salt sea air and in heavily polluted industrial areas. The nails are resistant to a wide range of salts and acids. They are used for external woodwork, shipbuilding and yacht building, installing façade panels, profiles, gutter boards, etc. AISI-316 stainless steel nails are used where extremely high requirements are set for resistance to corrosion, such as in the chemicals industry. The stainless steel nails are available as smooth nails, screw nails, ring-shanked nails (also on plastic strip/coil), roofing nails, corrugated plate nails, Z2 lath nails and Z4 cellular concrete nails.

Product information

Quality: AISI-304/1.4301/V2A (min. 18% chrome and 8-10% nickel)
Quality: AISI-316/1.4401/V4A (min. 17% chrome, 8-10% nickel and min. 2% molybdenum)
Diameter: from 1,25 mm t/m 6,30 mm
Lengths: from 12 mm t/m 230 mm
Standard lengths: from 20 mm t/m 200 mm
Head types: round head (RH) / lost head (LH) / flat chequered head (FHC) / flat head (FH)
Packaging: boxes of 1 kg

If you have a specific application and you do not know which nail to use, the nail finder may have the solution for this.